Writing Guidelines 

These guidelines are for talking about RESAAS, its brand and products. It contains voice and tone, do's and dont's, capitalization, as well as products and features. 

Using RESAAS for Marketing

  • Use the logos and screenshots found on our Design site. 
  • Don't use the RESAAS brand in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. 
  • Remember to follow all of the guidelines for our screenshots and logo

Talking about RESAAS

A centralized description of RESAAS is as such: RESAAS is a cloud-based social business platform for the real estate services industry.

Do: When you're talking about your presence on RESAAS or how your product or service is affiliated to RESAAS, always use capital letters for the word RESAAS and never modify or abbreviate the word.

Do: Display the word RESAAS in the same font size and style as the content surrounding it.

Don't: Use the logo to replace the word RESAAS in a sentence. 

Voice and Tone 

Our voice doesn't change that often, but our tone is ever-changing. 


RESAAS' voice is professional but humanistic. Our priority is educating real estate agents on our tools & services so they can use our platform in the most efficient way possible and ultimately, generate more business. The RESAAS voice should make real estate agents feel that they are empowered and supported. 

Some key words that describe our voice include:

  • Professional (more business casual then black-tie casual)
  • Friendly
  • Confident
  • Empowered

And in the words of our Community Manager, Braden, "it's like talking to your friend's parents". 


RESAAS' tone is usually professional yet friendly. Our tone is often adapted to suit different user segments and their state of mind.  

Words and Phrases

Our brand elements also include these words: reblast and reblasts (real estate broadcast). This represents a post on RESAAS. 

Other common terms associated to the RESAAS brand are:

  • AdSAAS - proprietary advertising engine hosted within the RESAAS platform
  • Referral Engine - ability to post direct or public referrals within the RESAAS platform
  • ShareFile - multilingual file share solution hosted within the RESAAS platform 
  • RESAAS Marketplace - a collection of leading real estate products and services available to RESAAS users through our platform at a discounted price

Suggested & Prohibited Language  

You can promote your presence on RESAAS by showcasing your profile URL (ex: resaas.com/firstnamelastname). 

RESAAS as a company does not operate as a real estate brokerage and should not be referred to as such. Therefore we do not conform to determined rules and regulations set forth by various real estate associations or other governing bodies. 


The RESAAS trademark rights vary from country to country. 

We have trademarked the name RESAAS in Canada. We have registered trademarks for "RESAAS - One Giant Leap For Real Estate" and "One Giant Leap For Real Estate" in Canada as well as for "reblasts" in Canada. Avoid using the RESAAS trademarks for anything that would be inconsistent with RESAAS' Terms. We may choose to revoke permission to use RESAAS' trademarks at any time.