Box Shadows

Box shadows add depth to our design. Use any of the following classes to add box shadows to a container:

  1. .shadow-left
  2. .shadow-right
  3. .shadow-left-right
  4. .shadow-top
  5. .shadow-bottom
  6. .shadow-top-bottom

Box Layouts

Box layout classes are build with the purpose of keeping box elements consistent. We can setup padding, border, border radius for various box layouts. For example:

  • .boxlayout-whitebg will give you a box layout with white background colour
  • .boxlayout-whitebg-transparent will give you a box layout with transparent white background colour

Add any new box layout classes as necessary here.


We have pre-defined classes to make sure form elements are consistent:

  1. Input box
    1. .input-text
  2. Text area
    1. .input-textarea